2060-810033-001 REV P0 88i1054A1 0x(5471)

Hard drive firmware is software that is embedded in the hardware of a hard drive and controls its operation. It is responsible for managing various functions of the hard drive, including controlling the drive motor, reading and writing data, managing power consumption, and handling error correction. Firmware of a hard drive is programmed by the manufacturer and is not typically user-modifiable. However, in some cases, firmware updates may be released by the manufacturer to fix bugs, improve performance, or add new features to the drive. Firmware can become damaged which may result in data becoming inaccessible.

This website provides data recovery professionals resources to repair firmware thereby allowing data to be recovered.

Model: Serial Number: Family: PCB Number: Interface: Date:
WD40NDZM-59A8KS1 WXE2E201ZCMF SpyGlass2 Ultra 2060-810033-001 REV P0 USB-C 22 JUL 2020
WD50NDZM-59A8KS1 WXS2E608REK9 SpyGlass2 Ultra 2060-810033-001 REV P0 USB-C 26 OCT 2020